Wednesday, June 3, 2009

LD 415 LD415 Death to little swimmers

LD415 is a State Bill that makes a criminal offense if a shorefront owner places any buoyed swim area on
their lakefront. It appears only commercial operations and the State are allowed to do this. Who or what is
responsible for this? Now little swimmers can not be contained as well and risk drifting off to drown or be run
over by a boat. Way to go Legislators. Sounds like marinas, boating clubs, or bass fishermen were responsible for this.
I know that on Sebago some shorefront owners put out a swim area so that they could swim in an area free of
hordes of anchored boats. Many boats are anchoring in 2 to 3 feet of water just offshore which Maine Law allows even though the land owner owns the lake bottom to low water. These boats camp out overnight often, play loud music while they drink and do other disturbing things. Now they have taken away another positive recreat
ional experience.