Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Songo River ? in Flood

This photo was purchased on Ebay and it said Songo River Flood 1929. Does anyone recognize
where it might be. It does not look familiar to me. Write Roger at
if you have any ideas.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Why Sebago Lake Is Being Destroyed
The above website has this photo of Point Sebago. Two things struck me were the increased number of boat slips. No wonder I have heard Point Sebago staff telling DEP officials at
Sebago Lake-Sappi FERC relicensing meetings that they need lake levels no less than 18 " under full pond on August 1. This is a very shallow cove and those boat props are near the bottom. The photo gives a good contrast of what is growing on the lake bottom.
It looks very biologically nasty. When Point Sebago was built with State funds in the 1960's gravel trucks ran all one summer filling in the marsh. It appears the filled beach material has moved out into the lake adding to the flocculent lake bottom. It is the largest beach on Sebago yet waves and beach dynamic processes are absent. It is a shame the lake as to suffer harmful unnatural lake regulation so that this resort can have optimum operation in the summer. The owner of Point Sebago must have close relationships with top State Leadership who are very willing to sacrifice the natural resources and water quality of Sebago lake for Point Sebago. I wonder if they know what damage they are doing to Sebago Lake. Water quality has declined significantly since 1990 according to PWD data. With the obvious degradation of wetlands and the loss of purifying natural sand beaches this is not surprising.
It would be better for the lake to draw the lake down to 258 msl one fall and remove all the muck and hydrogen sulphide producing organic matter in the cove and cover it with clean sand. They could make the cove deeper. They had the opportunity with the 44 truckloads of sand that were dumped on the beach for a large sand castle fundraiser. According to PWD this sandcastle sand was removed and placed on a nearby volleyball court. The State is so worried that
water levels will drop a foot blow 265.15 msl Aug 1 during a severe drought that the DEP is spending valuable state funds to determine how much less flow is needed to keep the Presumpscot flowing at minimum water quality levels.