Sunday, November 16, 2008

10-20-08 I am not kidding when I say that the Maeitta Pit is close to Haydn
Fen and Sebago Lake.

Sebago Lake vegetable soup

October 20, 2008 This is what the green algae in Haydn Fen looks like from a canoe.
No wonder it is so distinctive from several hundred feet above in a helicopter.

Sebago lake's Haydn Fen Green Algae

This is an Oct, 20, 2008 aerial of Haydn Bog. Those various shades of green in the water is algae and this is something new. What is happening to this important wetland of Sebago Lake? All this scummy algae flushes out of the fen when it floods. Some of the algae mats are distributed along the shores of Sebago Lake depending which way the wind blows. Two factors have changed for Haydn Fen. One is the wetland never dries out anymore. The natural seasonal fluctuation and natural range of Sebago Lake is gone thanks to the ignorance of those that control Sebago Lake. The second factor is the Maeitta gravel mine just above Haydn Fen.
This massive earthen pit has forever disrupted the natural flow of water into Haydn Bog. Who were those Maine legislature politicians that promoted such devastation.

Songo River Delta

On October 20, 2008 A Point of View Helicopter was circling Sebago Lake. The water level was
263 msl. Over 100 photos on a perfect day. The focus of the flight was to photographically document the lake wetlands. One conclusion that stands out is how significantly the wetlands have been altered by the new water level regulation regime.